Vision & Mission

“To be one of the leading quality manufacturers of dyed yarn using state of the art technology, innovative manufacturing set up, cutting edge digital systems and outstanding work-force.”

Taanushre Internationals Pvt. Ltd. creates a healthy environment for work force & staff and they are working as a team to achieve the goal.

We work continuously to create value for our customers & focus:

  1. To provide 100% customer satisfaction and perfectly fulfil customers’ needs.
  2. To guarantee the best quality products to our customers by focusing on operational excellence and product innovation.
  3. To establish mutual respect and long term relations with all our customer.
  4. Our commitment to quality, consistency, and improvement on a continuous basis.

Underlying our success is our commitment to these values:

  • T Teamwork for a goal
  • A Accountability towards customer
  • A Adaptability of best ways
  • N Novelty in Quality
  • U Unity in Culture / Company
  • S Satisfaction of Customer
  • H Honesty in dealings
  • R Reliability in work
  • E Evaluation in a continuous manner